No Dud Guarantee HEADING_TITLE

Let's face it, not all fireworks are perfect. While we carry the best fireworks brands in the business, it is still possible that you may get a "DUD". What is a "dud"? A "dud" is a firework that fails or partially fails to fire.

To insure the highest quality fireworks for your money, Powder Keg Fireworks has a NO DUD GUARANTEE on all of our fireworks. If you light one of our fireworks and for some reason it doesn’t fire OR it only partially fires off, then simply bring the firework back to the store (along with your receipt) and we will gladly replace the firework so that you can get your full fireworks show.

The next time you shop for fireworks, shop at Powder Keg Fireworks. Have comfort in knowing that you will ALWAYS get the entire show that you pay for!