Maximum Powder Fireworks Allowed By Law HEADING_TITLE

Powder Keg Fireworks sells some of the most powerful fireworks available by law. It has always been our opinion that the bigger the better when it comes to fireworks. The only way you can get bigger fireworks displays and bigger booms is by having more powder in the fireworks.

Powder Keg Fireworks pushes the limits by selling fireworks that crams the maximum amount of powder into displays as possible. By having the most powder allowed by law, we are able to bring you the BIGGEST fireworks displays with the BIGGEST boom possible! Thereby making your fireworks show the biggest and best it can be!

Not to mention, we also keep the price as low as possible to give you the BIGGEST bang for your buck! It is our goal to give you the absolute best fireworks for the lowest price possible.

So if you're looking for a BIG show, look no further than Powder Keg Fireworks for all of your fireworks needs!