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Powder Keg Fireworks offers sales programs that provide fundraising opportunities for non-profit organizations and individuals.

Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations

Powder Keg Fireworks specializes in providing non-profit groups with the opportunity to earn significant amounts of money to support their fundraising needs in a very short period of time. If your group is a recognized religious or charitable organization, has sufficient members to staff a fireworks retail outlet over a 7-13 day selling period, then fireworks sales is just the fundraising activity that can be both fun and profitable for your organization.

Below is a full outline of our program

Your organization provides personnel to work a Powder Keg Fireworks tent or stand.

Powder Keg Fireworks provides EVERYTHING else necessary for a successful fundraiser including:

  • Exceptional Product Line  
  • Attractive Stands or Tents – Delivery, Set-up and Removal
  • Sales Training for you and your group
  • Product and Premise Liability Insurance
  • Free Advertising - Television, Radio, Newspaper
  • Free Sales Aides - Posters, Signs and Price Cards
  • Professional Support Team
  • Secured, Prime Retail Location  
  • Cash Registers - Credit Card Acceptance
  • Product Presentation on DVD  
  • Delivery of Merchandise to your location
  • End of Season Merchandise Return Center

 Organizations realize a substantial profit from their sales when products are sold at suggested retail. And all fireworks are on consignment, so unsold items are returned to Powder Keg Fireworks after the sales season.

  • The average organization makes $3,000-$6,000 in less than two weeks

Examples of Non-Profits Organizations currently working with Powder Keg Fireworks:

Church Groups Cheerleader Groups Scout Troops
Youth Ministries Football Leagues Band Booster
Athletic Boosters Wrestling Clubs School Bands
Little Leagues VFW Posts Schools
Schools Kiwanis American Legions

Whether your organization is raising money for sports equipment, band uniforms, or a mission trip across the world, Powder Keg Fireworks can help you realize your goals.

The first step for your organization to earn substantial profit in a few short days is to CONTACT US. We look forward to helping you generate a profit for your organization.