Fireworks Buying Tips HEADING_TITLE

Pyro has a number of helpful tips to help you shop for your fireworks at Powder Keg Fireworks.

Buy as early as you can

Like any holiday, the Fourth of July is a busy shopping season. Especially for Powder Keg Fireworks stores! The shopping season usually begins at the end of July, but, believe it or not, most people buy their fireworks on July 3rd and 4th. This rush to get fireworks during this two day span makes Powder Keg Fireworks stores extraordinarily busy. So, it is wise to get your fireworks shopping done early before the Fourth of July rush hits the stores.

In addition, many of the best-priced fireworks and more popular fireworks often get sold out during July 3rd and 4th. So, it is good idea to plan your trip to a Powder Keg Fireworks early so that you can get the best deal and get all of the fireworks for your backyard blast. Going to Powder Keg early also ensures that you will get the highest level of assistance from a fireworks specialist. Fireworks specialists can answer any questions you may have about fireworks, make suggestions for your fireworks show, show you an example on the product video and much more. So head to Powder Keg Fireworks before the rush and get have the best fireworks display in town.

Buy assortments & Use coupons

Every year, Powder Keg Fireworks puts out a collection of great coupons that could really save you a lot of dough. These coupons are generally distributed in the newspaper, local coupon magazines, in the stores, and online. No matter where or how you get the coupons, make sure that you do because they offer some incredible deals on great fireworks.

Another way to score a deal on fireworks is to buy assortments. Fireworks assortments are generally the best deals you can get when shopping for fireworks.  Sometimes you can get up to twice as many fireworks for the same amount of money you'd spend on single items.  So if you plan on getting more than a dozen or so fountains/repeaters, or you want to get a wide range of stuff for your backyard fireworks display, or just want to get a bunch things to entertain little kids, consider getting an assortment.

Check for damage

All of the fireworks at Powder Keg Fireworks are thoroughly inspected prior to being put on the shelf, but occasionally fireworks can get damaged prior to being stocked. It's a good idea to examine fireworks prior to purchase before buying them.  Here's how to do a quick inspection: 

Make sure there's no water damage: this isn't a big issue with items in plastic packages, but anything with bare tubes or paper should be checked to make sure that they haven't absorbed water (indicated by swollen tubes or bleeding ink in the labels).  If it has, there's a possibility that the firework won't ignite.

Look for loose powder: hold the device over your hand and gently shake it to make sure nothing falls out.  Small amounts of brown powder (clay) are ok, but if you see significant amounts of gray/black/white powders coming out, don't buy the device.  Loose powder could cause the device to function improperly or not at all.

If you find anything wrong with a firework, inform a fireworks specialist and they will be happy to exchange it.

The No Dud Guarantee

At Powder Keg Fireworks all fireworks have a No Dud Guarantee. Powder Keg Fireworks wants to ensure that you and your family get an incredible fireworks display for your celebration. If a firework that you purchase from Powder Keg Fireworks is defective or fails to ignite, stay away from the firework for 30-60 minutes to make sure that you can safely touch the firework. Then, bring the defective firework back to one of our stores and we will exchange it for a brand new piece.

Watch out for bogus deals

Unfortunately, not all "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" fireworks deals are designed to save you money.  Similar to regular stores, some "Buy 1 Get 1" deals are rigged simply by doubling the price of one item, giving the buyer the impression that they're getting twice their money's worth.  Trying to differentiate between true bargains and rip-offs in the world of fireworks can be difficult. At Powder Keg Fireworks, we closely monitor the competition’s prices to make sure that you get the best deal in town. Powder Keg doesn’t mark-up the prices and then discount, they simply discount! Our entire stock is competitively priced and the Buy-1 Get-1 Free fireworks are truly Buy-1 Get-1 FREE. Don’t believe us? Feel free to browse the competition and compare. You will find that Powder Keg Fireworks is the best choice for all of your fireworks needs.