Powerder Keg Fireworks


Powder Keg Fireworks is your #1 source of fireworks in Louisville Kentucky. Fireworks are an excellent way to celebrate July 4th, New Years, birthdays, anniversarys, graduations, parades, and many other events. You can use fireworks to wow your guests and provide a great source of entertainment as a finale for your event.Powder Keg Fireworks has multiple fireworks store locations in Louisville area for your fireworks needs. Go to our locations listings to find a Powder Keg Fireworks near you in Indiana. If you are shopping for Fourth of July fireworks, be sure to shop for your fireworks early. This is the busiest time of year for fireworks so stock levels will fluctuate greatly around July 4th.


No Dud Guarantee on Fireworks

At Powder Keg Fireworks, you will find the BEST deals on fireworks any where in the Louisville area. Many of our fireworks are Buy-1 Get-1 FREE! Unlike our competitors, we don’t double our prices and then discount...WE JUST DISCOUNT! You will truly get 2 fireworks for the price of one firework. In some cases, we even have Buy-1 Get-2 or even 3 fireworks FREE! At Powder Keg Fireworks you will get unmatched savings on the highest quality fireworks in the business around Louisville. To insure the highest quality fireworks for your money, Powder Keg Fireworks has a NO DUD GUARANTEE on all of our fireworks. If you light a firework and for some reason it doesn’t fire OR it only partially fires off, then simply bring the firework back to the store and we will gladly replace the firework so that you can get your full fireworks show!

Maximum Powder in Fireworks Allowed By Law

Fireworks from Powder Keg Fireworks range in size and style. Powder Keg Fireworks has fireworks for the safe and sane all the way up to the maximum powder pyros! We carry a wide selection of fireworks that all of your friends and family are sure to love. Take a look at our fireworks selection in our product catalog. You will find everything from firecrackers to 500 gram finales to artillery shells. We look forward to seeing you at Powder Keg Fireworks in Louisville KY!

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